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Cornflake cookie cups


I don’t know about you but I have the biggest soft spot for old-school cookies and cakes. Those that pleasantly engulf you with flashes of your childhood when you pop a piece into your mouth. That’s exactly why I decided to make these cornflake cookie cups yesterday. They really do contain a barrel of memories in each thimble-sized bite, harking back to the Deepavali celebrations of the 1980s when there would always be plateful of these fruit-studded crackly beauties on the coffee-table of my grandma’s living room. And I would make a beeline for them as soon as I reach her house, anticipating the sweet crunch of the cornflakes and almost chewy tang of the citrus peel and sultanas embedded in each paper-lined morsel. And although everybody else fought for the more convential chocolate chip cookies and pineapple tarts, I would surreptitiously pack away these cookie cups, loving their unique taste. And of course, to hide the evidence of my very un-ladylike gorging, I would stuff all the crushed cup liners into whatever crevice and nook I could find. Often, these would be the corner of sofas or the under the telephone directory. God knows how many cockroaches and ants have survived on my leavings *sheepish look*

Cornflake cookie cups (makes about 80)


½ cup butter, softened

¼ cup loosely packed brown sugar

Scant ¼ cup caster sugar

1 tbsp golden syrup

2 tsp vanilla

1 cup flour

½ tsp baking powder

1 ½ cup crushed cornflakes*

½ cup mixed fruit

1 tsp orange zest (optional)

  1. Cream butter and sugars together for 1 minute using electric beaters. Add golden syrup and vanilla and mix to combine.

  2. Stir in flour and baking powder. Add crushed cornflakes, mixed fruit and zest if using. Stir well. 

  3. Roll half teaspoonfuls of dough into small balls and place in mini-cupcake liners. Place on baking sheet and bake at 350 degree F for 10-12 minutes until golden brown. 

  4. Cool and store in airtight containers. Will keep for about a week.    

*I crush my cornflakes by placing about 1 1/2 cups of cornflakes in a large ziplock bag, sealing it and crushing it with a rolling pin. Prevents alot of mess and cleanup afterwards.


Unbaked…..& baked and cooling


14 thoughts on “Cornflake cookie cups

  1. i’ve been wanting to move to wordpress… haha. but i thought it’s too much of a hassle. now you’ve got me motivated all over again. ANYWAY, this is a recipe i’ve been wanting to get my hands on!!! thank you so so much! i’ll probably make these for hari raya. 🙂

  2. You so should move! That’s just my frustration with Blogger speaking..haha. But really, wordpress has been very good to me…and quite user-friendly, even for a tech-dodo like me. =)
    And hope you like these cookies, if you try them out!

    p/s: I’m thinking of reducing the sugar by about a tablespoon or two when I make them for Deepavali cos they are a little sweet and I dun wan any sugar-highs when these are coupled with all the other goodies… you may wana do the same.. *grin*

  3. i just made tonight and it’s PHENOMENAL. sigh. i already ate 10. how??? hahaha. and the dough is nice too. i kept popping balls into my mouth whilst shaping them. thanks so much for sharing this recipe. 😀

  4. YAY!!! Am so glad they turned out well for you.. and I’m just as guilty of stuffing my faces with these. It’s something about the little paper cases la, makes your hands itch to peel them off and pop the cookie into your waiting mouth. hahah. Glad you liked it! =)

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  6. Can anyone pls advise me how to convert the above measurements into “grams”? i.e. one cup flour is equivalent to how many grams? Many thanks cause i would luv to be able to try tis recipe but i does not own the measuring cups….

  7. Hie…I was just wondering, where do u get golden syrup in KL or Sel? Can i substitute it with something else?

    Thanx a bunch!

  8. Hi Sally… I measured out the ingredients and 1 cup of flour equals to 125g, while 1 cup of caster sugar equals to 200g. As for the brown sugar, 1 cup of it loosely packed equals to about 120g and 1 cup of butter is 250g. Hope the conversions help!

  9. Hi Tastegoblet,

    Thank you so so much for your extra efforts and you know what…..i tried it ….& your cornflake cookie cups were a smashing success!!! It realli made my day today when everyone loved your cookie recipe….i m so lucky to have stumbled on your blog…thank you for being so generous as to share with all of us your recipe!

  10. Tastegoblet,

    May i just double confirm that the cups measurements for the rest of your recipes in the different months are also the same as above as in 1 cup flour = 125g?

    Many many thanks.

  11. Hi Sally, I’m so happy to hear they turned out well!! And yup, all my measurements are as above…of course, different ingredients, like sugar and butter have different densities so the weight per cup changes, as I wrote it my previous comment.
    If you need any more conversions, do ask! I’ll be glad to help…=)

  12. Hi, i baked your cornflakes cookies last week & i forgot to leave a reply… It turned out superb! all of us loved it. it was crunchy and very tasty as well.. thanks for this wonderful recipe Tastegoblet 😉 appreciate it!

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