about me

I’m known to be scarily obsessive and melodramatic about all things culinary. And although I love cooking in all its forms, I have a penchant for creating sweet treats, with an almost unhealthy fixation for caramel.

This blog is mainly to share with you my many adventures in the kitchen and also, maybe encourage a few budding pastry chefs to try their hand at creating their own confections. It’s such a joy to realise that it were your hands that created the molten mass of sweet sliding down your throat.. trust me. I can’t persuade you enough to attempt a simple butter cake, a fudgy brownie or maybe even some delectable ice-cream when  you have some time to spare.

Happy browsing and I hope these recipes inspire you!


26 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hey,I am not a blogger but I came across your blog a couple of days back,and I really love it.I must commend your good work and your creativity.I generally don’t easily appreciate somebody else’ cooking,but I could not resist but appreciate you.And one more thing,with all this baking going on,how do you manage to stay so slim??????????????

  2. Amrita, heh.. thanks..

    Barb, I’m in Singapore actually. We use alot of metric measurements too, borrowed from our colonial past, no doubt.. 🙂

    Thanks Radhika, for those really sweet comments. And I guess I have to thank my dance classes for burning off those calories! Although my blood sugar level is another thing altogether… 😛

  3. You are hilarious! You need to be on TV with your own show!!! You are gorgeous and you have this great sense of humor and I’m betting fab personality. Why are you not on the “Food Network”?

  4. Hi tastegloblet
    I enjoy reading your blog and think you are a great baker! I have a question though and hope you can help. I love baking pineapple tarts but I have a problem keeping them fresh even though after baking, cooled and kept in air tight container. Do you know why? Was it becos my recipe did not contain egg white ?? Have been searching for an answer for decades and nobody can give me an answer. HOpe you can help and thanks>

  5. Yasmin, gosh, I really wish I could help but I really can’t answer that qn! I face the same issue with my pineapple tarts, they definitely don’t have the ‘freshly-baked’ taste after a few days. I don’t mind it though.. I kinda like the crumbly texture it acquires after a few days.

    The only solution I can see for you is to bake tarts in small batches, so that they are gobbled up in a few days. That way, you can always be replenishing the cookie jar with fresh tarts! 😛

  6. My sister does cookies, But it never turns out well. Its either too flat or too soft. On behalf of her. Isit possible to know what is the mistake?

  7. wow. it’s really wow. i wanna be like you in making cake and the topping cream.

    i have a request and i hope you do. i ask you to make fuit cream cake using your receipe of moist sponge cake and sure with photos…. pls

    thanks and i am gonna appreciate you effort 🙂

  8. Hi there, I tried your carrot cake. It was amazing! I simply wanted to thank you and find out what you have been up to these days because I have not seen any recent postings. I love the way you write too!

  9. I love your recipes because it works! However, I have one question. Why is it that my cakes turn dry the next day? My hubby complains that my cakes (eg chocolate or banana cake or even muffins) turn dry and hard the next day even if I keep them in a closed container. It is fine the day of the baking. I have checked my oven temperature with a thermometer and it’s accurate. I followed the recipe to a T. What am I doing wrong?

  10. Hi babe,

    Well i would have to say that, that ur a fantastic baker and your creations look yummy! Keep up the good job yea..!

    Regards Malini

  11. Hi

    You bake so well… Hats off to you… Will you be able to bake a cake for a mother and daughter together for the 19th Feb? I don have any idea… But I’ll be glad to hear from you… 🙂


  12. I came across your blog and loved it. 🙂 I’m new to the blogging community. I recently started a baking blog. I’m from Chennai, so it was nice to see a Tamilian’s blog. All the best!

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