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coconut candy

Local sweets 101. Coconut candy:- Much loved, tropical treat that originated from Malaysia. Freshly grated white coconut flesh, truckloads of granulated sugar and liberal lashings of full-fat evaporated milk. To up the decadence quotient, a ‘healthy’ knob of butter. Extremely popular during Hari Raya and Deepavali, in a mindboggling array of colors. Semi-hard upon biting … Continue reading

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celebration tarts

Any idea what these are? They look like eerily uniform rasberries or cherries no? But they are actually hand-rolled gobules of sweet pineapple jam. And what purpose do they serve in their spherical state? Delicious fillers for pineapple tarts of course, the quintessential festival treat in Singapore! The pineapple tart really is the holiday biscuit/cookie/kueh … Continue reading