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Wedding Cake and a new buttercream recipe

A month back I was asked to bake a tiered wedding cake… after my experience with the castle cake, I wasn’t too keen to attempt dowels and seperator plates again. Eventually, we decided to go with three cakes placed on a tiered cake stand. It turned out quite pretty… even through it wasn’t the “conventional” wedding cake setup. The smallest cake was a blueberry cheesecake, and the remaining two were 2-layered chocolate fudge cakes with an almond & hazelnut meringue base. Since the cakes had to be out on display for a while before they would be cut into and served, I couldn’t use whipped cream to frost them. I decided to use buttercream instead.

The recipe I used was not my usual swiss meringue buttercream… Instead, I discovered a American buttercream recipe that calls for whole eggs. This was more convenient because I didn’t have to worry about what I would do with the many leftover egg yolks, which is the case when I make meringue buttercream. As for the taste, this buttercream has the same rich smoothness and is not too sweet either. Since it uses egg yolks, the resulting buttercream is a distinct ivory/pale yellow colour, something to keep in mind when you plan your colour scheme.

In this case, the theme for the wedding was ivory and champagne. I left the buttercream in its original color (ivory) and piped swirls and rosettes in the same shade up the the sides of the cake. Each cake was topped with a bunch of fresh champagne roses (my favourite). Working with the flowers was tricky because I had to be careful not the let them touch the frosting/cake… I wasn’t sure if roses were toxic and didn’t want to take any chances. Eventually I ended up inserting the stalks into a round styrofoam board cut-out and, lining the board with cling film, and them placing the whole set-up onto the cake. It was not easy and I didn’t really like that from certain angles, you could see the styrofoam. I’m still trying to figure out how one would go about using fresh flowers to decorate frosted cakes without having the flowers touch the frosting or cake… any ideas?

My grateful thanks to Brindha and Aarthi for allowing me to use these gorgeous pictures!

 If you look closely enough at the cake in the bottom tier, you can see the styrofoam placed in the middle, into which the roses are inserted. sigh…

wedding cake


19 thoughts on “Wedding Cake and a new buttercream recipe

  1. HI! Amu’s sister here! Thank you very much for making the cupcakes! They were amazing. I have a beautiful picture of it on my blog. Really really appreciate it =)

  2. I am so glad I found you again and was so happy to see this beautiful creation of yours.. It looks so majestic and thanks for the tips for using american buttercream..That will really be handy.. Cheers and see you soon :))

  3. I would like to attempt this buttercream recipe instead of a regular buttercream one – can you say how long a cake can be kept (out of the fridge that is) after the cake is frosted with this egg buttercream? I am frosting one for a first communion and would like not to have such a sweet frosting and this sounds appealing. Thanks much.

  4. Dear, Lovely, lovely, Lovely as usual! Nothing like a wedding cake made with so much of love and care for the greatest day in your life! Dont worry about the styrofoam, the taste is what that matters, and the cakes sound delicious! missing your posts, btw,
    Regards, Mrs singh

  5. The cake’s beautiful! And boy do I love the idea of using whole egg 🙂
    As for flowers, I pick organic flowers out of my garden for cake decorating- there are so many edible flowers that can be used. Another option for the non-gardener (or in winter): Some flower growers supply edible flowers for that very purpose. Then you can set the flowers right on the cake. Makes it easy!

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  7. I enabled comments on my blogger page but it only shows the comments link, and when it’s clicked, a new page opens to show the comments. Is there a way to just have the comments show on my main page right underneath the blog, I don’t want just a link to the comments page..

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