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Cashew Rava Laddus

Another post on Deepavali sweetmeats. This is a cashew rava (semolina) treat that is really quick and easy to put together. And shaping the the laddus is so simple, you can do it while watching TV or talking on the phone. Or you can follow what my grandmother used to do. She’d call all her daughters (6 of them, mind you… of course, if you’re not as prolific, … Continue reading

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Seven (minus one) cup sweet

My aunt is expecting a baby girl in June and she’s having her valaikaappu ceremony next Sunday. This essentially is a Hindu ritual where the 7-month pregnant mother-to-be is dolled up in her wedding finery and all the elders in the family come calling to give their blessings. They will also put on bangles for her. Glass, gold, metal…in every … Continue reading