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Deepavali cookie list

This one is for you Nithya! ūüôā After a¬†request to¬†share¬†the list of¬†treats¬†I’m planning to make for¬†Deepavali this year, I decided I better post it up soon¬†so that for those interested,¬†there will be enough time to¬†buy ingredients and experiment with a few trial batches. This is the ‘sweets’ section of the Deepavali menu at my house. … Continue reading

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Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte

Have you guys tried the Chocolate Truffle Cake from Cedele? Not their Pistachio Truffle or their¬†Chocolate Banana- although those are delicious in their¬†own right- I’m talking about their plain truffle cake.¬† It is a decadent slice of¬†pure chocolate bliss, on a bed of crushed graham cookies and topped with a heavy dusting of cocoa.¬†The concept … Continue reading

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Chocolate Yogurt Cake

I¬†had a tub of yogurt sitting in the fridge, getting dangerously close to its expiration date so I decided to use it for some baking. Originally I planned to make some blueberry mufins but then I decided to attempt something new.¬†I found this simple recipe in an¬†old¬†cookbook. It’s a simple chocolate cake, made with cocoa. … Continue reading