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Caramel pecan chocolate ice-cream…and cake!

As soon as I saw this recipe, I knew I had to try it out. The sweltering heat of the recent afternoons made me crave ice-cream real bad and honestly, I was NOT in the fiscal frame of mind to spend close to fifteen bucks on a miserably tiny tub of hagen daz.  (On a side note, I know I must sound incredibly tight-fisted, but … Continue reading

Fruits / Ice cream

mango ice cream

Mango season’s here! Never a better time than now to stroll through little india, where the fragrance of ripe golden mangoes hits you everytime you turn a corner. I know modern farming technology has made it possible for us to get mangoes anytime of the year, but still, seasonal fruit holds a far superior flavor…and … Continue reading

Chocolate / Ice cream / Meringue

comfort food 101

Chunky fudge brownies, sensuous custard ice-cream speckled with vanilla seeds, and topped with a crisp meringue kiss I’m back. A 70-page thesis, three 10,000 word essays, a crashed PC, a fritzed laptop, two breakdowns and countless panic attacks later, I’m still standing. miraculously. sigh… It’s been the worst semester ever…whoever said school gets better with … Continue reading