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The crazee post

You know that whole month where I was missing from this blog?…actuali, my old blog…but I’ve imported all my old posts here so I guess this is technicall still my old blog, even though its a new site…and I no longer know what I’m talking about.

ANYwayS…. I was actuali quite busy in the kitchen. It just so happened that I was so busy with dance as well that I never actually had the time to post about it. So here is the abridged…and somewhat edited…version of the last month in moi kitchen:

After the attempt with lemon cupcakes, I got into a citrusy-place and decided to attempt a lemon meringue pie. I used a recipe from AllRecipes and it turned out quite well, ‘cept that the meringue wasn’t a hit with everyone. My mom thought it tasted a little undercooked and didn’t like the eggy-smell. But the lemon filling was really quite the bomb and the tart shell was a dream to roll out- in no way fear-inducing.  



And there was that time where I bought a punnet of organic raspberries just because they looked so cute on the supermarket shelf, their lush crimson beady skins just calling out to me. And then I started to panic cos they were on the verge of becoming overipe and I still hadn’t figured out what to do with them. A dear friend suggested – very practically too- that I just EAT them, but the baker in me just couldn’t do that now. No, I had to figure out a way to COOK with the berries, make them part of something larger. So I browsed through, where among other interesting things, I discovered that the fruit is spelt raspberry and not rasberry as I had thought. Hmmm. Anyway, I decided on a Almond Raspberry Tart recipe, which turned out well, although the little berry seeds were a bit of a bother for finicky eaters. And I must point out that the tart shell was amazingly crisp and light, although a hassle to work with because of how quickly it came apart during rolling. But the sweet crisp of it was worth it.


And I tossed some of the remaining berries with blueberries and blackberries into vanilla cupcake batter, scented with cinnamon and allspice to make tiny berry cakes which my mom loved… no doubt to the lack of frosting… She is one of THOSE people who don’t like cream and frosting. A mystery I will never understand.  


Cotinuing with the fruit-obsessive trend, I was drawn to make orange butter cakes not once, but twice in the span of one week. This really is the best tea-time cake ever. Quick to put together after a light luch, and by the time 4pm comes by, you have can have thick slices of warm citrusy cake to accompany your hot tea. Bliss. really. I made one, drizzled geerously with a simple glaze icing to bring on a picnic with my girlfriends and another for my brother’s impromtu 21st birthday tea party. God, but I loved those cakes.



Sometime in the month, I got a massive order for a chocolate birthday cake. The finished cake weighed in at over 3 kilos! ugh. And it was a two-day venture, baking the chocolate sponges, freezing them, slicing them, filling them with cream and berries, slathering the entire cake with white-chocolate buttercream, decorating with fresh strawberries, chocolate buttons, chocolate shavings, pastillage shapes, dragees and cocoa. It was one of those cakes that completely leaves you winded for a day or two.



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