a little bit of self-loving…


Guess what I bought myself????

Some girls dream of buying a pair of manolo blahniks with their first paychecks. Some covet the latest Prada or Gucci ‘It’ bag. Some want luxury spa holidays.

But me?

 I lust after kitchen appliances and accessories.

And when I realised I actually had enough spare change in the bank, I went ahead and bought myself a…

Kitchen Aid KSM 150 Artisan series!!!




*screams some more*

Okay I know alot of ya’ll may not think this is a big deal but given the price of KitchenAid Stand Mixers here, and the reality of me being, essentially, poor, this really is a luxury. One that I’ve been dreaming about since I was 14. I had told my friends that I wanted a KA stand mixer as my wedding gift, but I have since decided I can’t possibly wait that long. And anyhows, what if -gasP!- I never do tie the knot? Am I going to flush my high-powered kitchen mixer dreams down the drain just because I lack a husband?? By gosh, imagine how many batches of comfort cookies and cakes I’d need to bake to stave off the depression that would engulf me everytime I thought about my inability to secure a soulmate? Just for that reason alone i.e. my mental health, I decided to go ahead and buy the mixer myself.

I don’t know how I ended up buying the grape colored one though. I had my eye on the pale yellow the whole time, but when the sales guy asked me which color I wanted, the purple one just jumped at me, waving it mixer-hands around, shouting “PiCk ME, PicK mE!” And I ended up doing so.

Gack. My kitchen appliances have voices. And I listen to them.


Little Miss Purple Sunshine. My pride and joy.


Wait for the next post where I show off her amazing abilities! 



15 thoughts on “a little bit of self-loving…

  1. Congrats, love the little bow. We need to gift ourselves occasionally, and now, you are raring to try it out, I guess? We are all waiting with bated breath for the newe creations to show up here. Happy Baking…Mrs Singh

  2. Yay for you! 🙂 Obviously the fact that you listen to kitchen implements does you very well – just LOOK at those gorgeous cakes you make! Congratulations!

  3. You are a lucky girl 🙂 I am still waiting to get a Kitchen Aid, I can’t bring myself yet to buy one…but eventually… Have fun with your new gadget, can’t wait to see what you mix up with it!

  4. Liz, Mayer is selling KA mixers for $899 but I got mine during the Singapore Sale for $699 with freebies like an additional bowl and a food grinder thrown in. I thought it was worth the investment.. although my bank account was considerable ‘lighter’ after the purchase. 😛

    Banu, I know you still love me.

    Thanks yus!

    Mrs. Singh, I fixed the bow so I could get the full effect of gifting myself. Hahah!

    Singairishgirl, ahahah, I SO DID!! 😛 I was tempted to buy something cheaper like a Kenwood at first but then decided to just take the plunge and get a KA. I knew that I’d never treat a Kenwood with the same reverence… haha.

    Shammi, thanks for making me seem less like a freak and more like a misunderstood culinary genius. heh.

    Meeso, can I be the devil and encourage you to get one? *evil glinty look* It’s a dream to work with and I heard it’ll last you forever. 😛

    Amrita, I’m still learning to love my shade of purple… 🙂

  5. this is what i’m dreaming and wishing for too! wonder when i’ll be able to afford this. btw, i love yr blog. i was looking for an indian cocunut candy recipe to bake as a treat for my condo security guards (who are from nepal and probably will celebrate deepavali away from home and family), and found you! so thanks. will try it out

  6. Hi lovethearts, hopefully you get to buy your very own KitchenAid soon… I’m sure it’ll make you go over the moon! 🙂
    And good luck with the candy, it takes a fair bit of armwork to keep stiring the mixture ’til it thickens, but the end result is deliciously worth it!

  7. hi ..i noe this is quite outdated bt im abt to make an impt life threating decision to buy kitchenaid or kenwood…since u have a kitchenaid, is the bowl large enaf? i find it too small compared to kenwood’s 6.7 l…i dun wanna regret buying the kitchenaid haha…

  8. Hi Ashley,

    I’ve heard some not-so-good reviews about the Kenwood, that the beaters don’t really go all the way to the sides and bottom of the bowl, so bits of batter don’t get mixed it evenly. That said, I’m sure if you periodically scrape down the sides of the bowl, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

    As for the KitchenAid, I’m loving mine. It works like a dream, the motor is really powerful and gets work done fast. And I find the bowl capacity (5L) more than adequate… I’ve been able to bake large batches of cupcakes (up to 40 pieces) at one go. I guess it really depends how much of baking you intend to do. If you think you need a larger bowl, you should get the Kenwood… The KitchenAid is perfect for everyday home baking, or at least MY kind of home baking! 🙂

  9. I don’t know which one to get. I have buttercup hand mixer.

    Thinking about mango or tangerine or grape. Light pink is out now. I have fiesta dishes. Linda

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