Some very tired fingers later…


I would love creating things like this all the time, if it wasn’t so tiring… I spent way too long on coming up with different colors for the buttercream, tracing the design on the cake, outlining the trace with melted chocolate and then filling it in with the buttercream. But I do think the end product looks good so maybe all that slogging away is worth it?? 

my crampy fingers still would protest though.

Haha, here are a couple of picture of the before of the cake:


Mise en place. A halved strawberry swirl sponge cake, waiting to be sandwiched with strawberries and cream. (By the way, those are some vegetarian chocolate cupcakes at the back. Will post about those babies soon)  


Spreading a thick layer of ruby pink buttercream

And here are some Harry Potter themed cupcakes. These were devil’s food cupcakes with cream cheese filling and topped and decorated with meringue buttercream. Took so much of work, I had to draw on the little details with a wooden skewer because my piping tip was not fine enough.


My favourites are the Quidditch broomstick and the Golden Snitch. I though I could have a better job with the wand and the Hogwarts emblem though… 😦   


18 thoughts on “Some very tired fingers later…

  1. Oh my god, oh my god… what wonderful work! 🙂 How could you ever have the heart to see anybody cutting into the cake or eating those Harry Potter cupcakes? 🙂 Especially after all that hard work!

  2. hi citz.. i am SOOO glad to see ur posts after such a long time.. and the cake is realli fit for a princess.. so adorable and yes.. harry potter cupcakes.. hehe!

  3. omigosh!!!… that was incredibly great. who could ever thought of doing something like that for harry porter theme. i am going to bake some cupcakes for a new-blogger-friend-found today. we gonna meet tomorrow. probably i could try the henna-ed designs. i’ll update you with that 😉

  4. Shammi & Meeso, the cakes were for an order I got so after they were done, i just sent them on their way to the bday girl. I wasn’t there for the slicing into and eating.. yes, i think i’d have shed a few tears and staged a mini-protest if i was. haha.

    Nithya, thanks, I’m glad i’m back too! 🙂

    Singairishgirl, kids are like that… my cousin sis (she’s turning 5 this month) spent an entire year delibrating what cake she wanted, and finally decided on a 3D castle cake. I’m scrambling for fondant recipes now in preparation! Suddenly, this princess cake looks easy… haha.

    kuE, those cupcakes look good… especially like the way you packed them in the clear box and the ribbons. Looks very pretty! And feel free to link away.. 🙂

    Amrita, this was my first time icing such a big design on a cake.. dun even know if I did it the right way!! haha. It took so long, I’m sure there are better methods, if i could only discover them!

  5. you’re back darling! AWWWWWWWW THESE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! man i wish i had half of your decorating skills! i’d love to try out your strawberry swirl cake someday. 🙂

  6. Thanks maya! Anytime you want to attempt a baked goodies exchange, let me know. I’d die to try your chocolate cupcakes one day! And as I was browsing through your ‘orders’ section yesterday, realised you are in marsiling. I live at woodlands. Hmmmm, do you sense a cake/cookie exchange in the near future? ahahahhah!

    Amrita, haha, ya thank god it turned out well! And as for my “signature”, I think it still is my brownie recipe. Not because I thik it’s amazing or anything, but because it is the one thing my dear family members and friends just can’t seem to get enough of, even if I try to tempt them with other goodies! 🙂

  7. Those Harry Potter cupcakes are fabulous! I have such an unsteady hand that everything I try to decorate comes out looking like a 4th grader made it. Those little glasses are so cute. Thank you for sharing such a creative idea.

  8. Hey, ur back! An ohh my.. simply gorgeous creations!! Great job!! i bet the kid must have loved her cake. I love ur site.. always inspires me to do some baking. I baked some cookies following ur recipes and Deepavali orders started coming in.. haha 😉 Thanks for sharing all your wonderful recipes.

  9. Thanks Erin! And I think piping skills just get better with time.. try keeping the bag as small as possible and use both hands to support it… you get better control with the lines that way. And if all else fails, just tell yourself that as long as it tastes fab, who cares how a cake looks? heh!

    Thanks Nirmala!

    Ranjini, am so glad you liked the recipes.. And congrats on those orders! I’m afraid to take any for Deepavali cos I think I’m gonna be so busy just trying to finish up the sweet-making for MY house! 😛

  10. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I tot u either forgot or just did not put this up!! Im Verrry surprised i actually missed this post, given ive been readign ur blog so often(coming back many times to look at the pics and drool)..

    This is coming very late but THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! I loved the cake and cupcakes..Yes, i hesitated SOO much while cutting the cake and eating the cupcakes… Everyone loved it and couldnt stop goin on abt the designs and professionalism… Im sorry ur fingers all cramped up, i din realise it was that much work…but i LOVED it. every morsel. Thanks a lot girl. Ur the BEST. =)

  11. Hi. I actualy just tried baking a cake which was sandwiched with cream. But i used buttercream for the filling and also to cover the whole cake. So it became super rich and kindaa too sweet. i was wondering if there were any other suggestion to sandwich the cake with such that it wont be too rich and the recipe for it. Thaaannnkss! =)

  12. No problem Siva, am just glad you liked it!

    Hi Hema, you can always sandwich cake layers with your favorite jam (raspberry, lemon and blueberry are some of my favs). These lend a certain tartness to the cake, which is offset nicely by the sweet buttercream. Or you could fill the cake with sliced fresh strawberries. Other options for cake fillings are chocolate ganache, whipped cream or fruit curds..

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