Butterfly dreams

 In terms of cupcakes, these must be my most decadent ones thus far. Varlhona cocoa and coffee cakes, with hidden surprises of satiny chocoalte ganache made with Varlhona Guanaja as a filling, and topped with humongous swirls of meringue buttercream, sugar pearls and a gumpaste butterfly.  

Sweet dreams everyone!


5 thoughts on “Butterfly dreams

  1. Wow! These cupcakes do sound absolutely decadent! May I know where in Singapore did you get the Valrhona Guanaja from? I’ve been looking for it for ages. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Sharm, so far, I’ve gotten my stash of Varlhona from B-I_Y (Bake it Yourself), which is at Newton. (You can google them for the exact address)

    But I’ve heard that Shermay’s Cooking School, at Holland, also stocks up on Varlhona chocolate.

  3. Wow all your stuff looks super scrumptious. It’s so difficult to find baking supplies in Sg. May I know where you get the pretty butterfly thingies from? Thankx!

  4. Thanks Vidz..
    And actually, I manage to get alot of baking supplies here with no problem. Some places you can try: Phoon Huat, for all the basic ingredients and tools a baker can need, Pantry Magic, if you’re looking for mor upscale and less common items, and Bake It Yourself for Varlhona products and beautiful cake/cupcake decorations. All these stores have websites where you can check out what items they carry and their locations..
    And there are also many other baking supplies stores like Shermay’s Cooking School, Sun Lik on Seah Street and Ailin Bakery House on Geylang Road..
    Singapore is quite kind to bakers like us, you know? 🙂

    As for the butterfly toppers, I made them myself with gumpaste, but you can buy ready-made butterflies from Bake It Yourself, but they look slighty different from these…

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