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Vegan vanilla cupcakes with a not-so-vegan buttercream… and a Father’s Day cake


Vegan cupcakes all shining in the sunlight

 I stumbled on this vegan cupcake recipe while was I was randomly surfing the web – dun you love it when that happens?- and while I don’t personally know anyone who is vegan, I figured it’s be a good recipe to have on hand, for people who may have dairy allergies. And it really produces the most delicious, tender cupcakes. And converted me to becoming a fan of soy milk. I used unsweetened soy milk (Kobe brand) and I absolutely loved the sweet scent it gives the baked cupcakes. 

I had some extra buttercream (the american kind, with butter, powdered sugar and milk) in the fridge so I topped each cupcake with that… kinda destroyed the vegan-ness of it but you could easily use a glaze icing (powdered sugar and some soy milk) for a truly dairy-free treat.

As a variation, I used this recipe again a few days back and stirred through some toasted walnuts and chopped dried cranberries into the batter. I then topped the cooled cupcakes with a simple orange glace icing (mix together sifted powdered sugar with orange juice) and it was delicious.

A few weeks ago, I made a vegetarian strawberry swirl maple cake, using a recipe I’ve tried before with spectacular results. This time I divided the batter in half, added some fresh strawberry puree and a few drops of pink coloring to one portion and dolloped the two batters alternately into an 8″ round tin to create a swirl effect. I topped the cooled cake with strawberry buttercream and decorated the cake with more fresh strawberries.


Baked strawberry swirl cake awaiting frosting


All done up and ready to be sliced into   


21 thoughts on “Vegan vanilla cupcakes with a not-so-vegan buttercream… and a Father’s Day cake

  1. Did you use Martha’s Sberry buttercream recipe?

    Your decorating skills are really amazing! SO neat and uniform! I can’t pipe for peanuts!!

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  3. the vegan cupcakes you made for the lab were a HIT.
    as were the others. lol.
    I’m looking forward to the next time I order! 🙂

  4. Shuz, Geet, Meeso and Michelle… thanks so much for the comments!

    Amrita, i think your piping skills are reli good la! And no, this was just a simple icing sugar+butter frosting, with a good helping of fresh strawberry puree stired through. I had to keep it vegetarian, or else I would have used a meringue buttercream recipe…

    Somi, when you come back I’ll bake you a cake and we’ll see how long you can just stare at it before you decide you want a taste! hehe…

    Shyam, do post about it if you try the strawberry version!

  5. hi….i luv ur blog…keep it up…nway wer do u get those pleated cupcake cups…cuz i bought mine n its not the same…could u email or juz comment here..thks

  6. Chitu!!! those cakes and brownies you brought to Annam’s arangetram yesterday were absolutely amazing!!! i am still hallucinating like crazy…no kidding! you da bomb and i love you!!! *mwah* as mushy as that sounded, i maintain that i am still totally cool. like really cool. goddat? good.

  7. Ranj, got it, cool cat. muah.

    Babybop, I’ve managed to get them at phoon huat and BIY, which is at newton. the phoon huat ones are slightly cheaper, and are waxed inside. the ones from BIY are not… depends on your preference i guess

  8. I got mine frm phoon huat n its waxed…the ones in ur photos are the BIY(wers dat!) ?the phoon huat’s is white …im looking for those in ur photos.the offwhite-cream with bigger pleats…sorry to touble u…thks!

  9. thks! i found out another store has it too…the non waxed ones….ai lin at tanjong katong complex….thks neway! btw…do u use madagascar bourbon vanilla? im quite depressed it has alcohol in it…im trying to find an equivalent vanilla extract /essence that is comparable to that(which is impossible)…

  10. Well if you are using butter and milk for your cupcakes, then it’s not considered vegan. Vegan do not consume meat, eggs and diary (milk, cheese, butter, casein).

  11. Hi babybop, glad you managed to find the cupcake liners! and yes i do use pure vanilla extract that has alcohol in it. 😦 but i guess you can use the real stuff (scrape out the pulp and use as you would the extract) if you are really particular about not having alcohol in your baked goodies…

    sangeeta, i really hope to come back to blogging in a few weeks…am so busy with work now i barely have the time to reply to comments! sigh..

    Ladybugbug, if you looked at the link to the cupcake recipe, you’d realise that there is neither butter nor milk in this cupcake. Rather it uses soymilk and oil. So the cupcakes are clearly vegan. I only used butter in the frosting, and clearly stated it is not the title of this post even.

  12. I must say you are an amazing baker. Your cakes are done so professionally that I am J. Everytime I make a cake, I do some mistake somewhere & though they taste good they never look good. Bohoooo

  13. Shella, thanks but all that matters is the taste, really. I’ve created some monstrous specimens of pastry before but once the gorgeous flavors explode on my tongue, their less-than-stellar looks don’t matter anymore!

    Don’t be jealous! 🙂

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