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Engagement cupcakes and henna


I was asked to bake a batch of colour-themed cupcakes for an engagement and apply henna for the bride-to-be. Both things I really like doing. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t do this for a living, full-time and professionally.  I honestly can’t think of anything I’d love more than to wake up each day, go into the kitchen and bake for hours at an end. And if you add in the occassional henna assignments, I’d be delighted. But, whatever, lord knows if such dreams can actually bear fruition.. and worse still, if I’d one day tire of my passions if I started to use them as a means of earning an income *shudder*

Anyway, here are some pictures of the cupcakes. I used my new favorite devil’s food cake recipe, filled the centre of each cupcake with a cream cheese and mascarpone filling and topped it all off with a generous  swirl of meringue buttercream. Luxe or what?? 🙂 Normally I don’t put fillings in my cupcakes but I thought these rich chocolate cakes would benefit greatly from the slight tang of the 2-cheese filling. And I made the meringue buttercream slightly sweeter to complement the not-so-sweet cake. The engagement is tonight and I hope these will be well-received!  


 Want to take a crack at guessing the color-theme for these cupcakes? heh..

These are some pics of the henna that was applied onto the bride’s hands and feet. Thanks Shan, for taking such lovely pictures!




I know this is a food blog but I hope you dun mind looking thru these henna pics.. I really wanted to share them with ya’ll cos I love looking at the designs. It’s so beautiful, dun you think? I especially like the way the patterns on her feet turned out… 


26 thoughts on “Engagement cupcakes and henna

  1. Hello Mrs Singh from Malaysia, Just found your site, and its fantastic. I dont know how to address you, as theres no info here, but you are one talented young girl! Your enthusiasm for baking clearly shows with your lovely pictures.
    I have two young grandsons who love my baking goods, but I havent attempted cupcakes as yet. Time to start now. Could you please share:How do you make your Meringue Buttercream, and was this frosting used for the M&M colourful cupcakes you showed? I know the kids will just love these!
    Thanks in advance and regards from Malaysia, Mrs S

  2. you did the henna? it’s GORGEOUS! and i should try out your devil’s food cupcake recipe soon, it looks really good. and while i’m at that, i should give a go at your swiss meringue buttercream too. the recipe is somewhere in your archives, yes?

  3. dayum girlfriend *does the whole sistah finger-snapping and all that* chitz you are amazing!!! pretty purple cupcakes and butterflies are making my head spin…i am in a state of happy delirium now.

  4. gorgeous. the henna was beautiful. i really don’t know how you have the patience to sit down for hours on end and painstakingly do each intricate design. and the cupcakes, yum yum. Everybody commented on how gorgeous they looked. i had to quickly grab one for myself and hide another for geetha.

  5. Mrs Singh, thank you for your kind words… It really is a joy to bake and I’m sure your grandsons feel like the luckiest boys in the world to have a granny who plies them with sweet treats! I certainly would! 🙂 The M&M cupcakes were frosted with a cream cheese & mascarpone frosting, recipe from here:
    As for the meringue buttercream, the recipe is in my archives but so many people have asked for it that I’m going to soon write a post just devoted on it. I hope you don’t mind waiting a few days for it! 🙂

    Maya, ya, it took close to 7 hours, and a few finger cramps, but it was worth it! *grin* And yup, the meringue buttercream recipe is somewhere here but I’m going to soon do an individual post on it, so it’ll be easier to find…

    Nal, she had the longest fingers, beautifully tapered too… it was fun to work with such a ‘canvas’. heh. And I liked the “flutterbyes” too!

    Thanks Ranj darling… hope ur foot is getting better 😦 You doing the hot/cold water thing??

    Sha, it was fun doing the frosting and decorating.. glad ppl like them! Only sad thing was that there weren’t enough for everyone… which would explain the military-level strategies you and Shan had to employ to get a taste of them! haha… wish I was there to see that!

    Hey Amrita, I’m hapy too. Missed my oven…now have to catch up on what everyone else -including you!- has been up to in their kitchen the past month! 🙂

    Thanks Patricia! It’s an honor, coming from you… I love your work!

  6. haha. Yes, it really was. I had to hide it in the room since Geetha’s was busy. I knew if I carried it around, some person was sure to snatch it away from me. cannot wait for our cupcakes tomorrow! whooohoooo…..

  7. Oh what beautiful henna designs.. and I have to say this – what BEAUTIFUL HANDS to showcase the henna. Such elegant long fingers and narrow palms. I’m jealous! 🙂

  8. hello babeeeee….
    loved the henna work,…. u shd haf seen her that day..such dedication! n she looked the part as well- in that pretty punjabi suit all ..haha…

    anyway- chits bakes the best brownies!

  9. Hey Chits!

    Thanks for everything. We loved it all. You made the day extra special for us. EVERYONE commented on the henna and how intricate the design was. 🙂 Some are still complaining as they did not get a bite of the cupcake.

    To everyone else, thanks for the comments on my hands! ha ha… 🙂 Chitra is the best! The work took 6 hours, but she did not compromise on quality! adding an extra line here and there to enhance the design. I have booked her for my sis’s wedding and mine too. 🙂

  10. I was asked by a neighbor to make cupcakes for her informal outdoor wedding reception. The weather here lately has been in the upper 80’s to 90’s and I am very concerned about the icing on the cupcakes melting or losing its shape. Do you have a recipe for icing that is simple to make and that will hold up in the heat. I would greatly appreciate anyones help ASAP. The baked goods I have seen on your site are just beautiful.


  11. Hi Hani, sorry but I don’t really do henna as a business thing.. sorry again!

    Hi Holly, hope my reply isn’t too late!! I find butter and icing sugar frostings hold their shape quite well even in hot, humid weather.. it does get soft, but it won’t melt..
    Use butters that have high butterfat, above 82% (French butter is perfect for this) in the frosting. Because of the high fat content, the butter melts slower…
    I pretty much eyeball the amount of ingredients when I make this buttercream but here is the basic recipe:

    1 cup butter, softened
    3 cups icing sugar, sifted
    a small pinch of salt
    1 tsp pure vanilla
    about 1/3 cup of cold milk +more, if needed

    1. Cream butter using electric beater or the paddle attachment of a KitchenAid until soft and fluffy. Add sifted sugar and salt and continue to beat until the sugar is thoroughly incorporated into the butter, about 2-3 minutes. Continue to beat on high speed for another 3 mjinutes until mixture is fluffy.
    2. Add vanilla and 1/3 cup of cold milk and beat at med-high speed for at least 5 minutes, until frosting is a pale ivory, increased in volume and fluffy. Ever so often, you may want to dribble in more cold milk, a tablespoon at a time. I find the liquid helps to dissolve the powdered sugar, which makes the frosting less grainy. And also, the addition of milk reduces the sweetness of the frosting.. which is good cos this one is very very sweet.

    Hope it helps Holly!

  12. WOW for both the henna and the cupcakes! can’t wait to try the meringue buttercream, I have “bare” cupcakes sitting here, so glad I googled your site! many thanks from Jackie north of Calgary, Aberta, Canada

  13. I would like to remove the blogger and designer links on the attribution bar at the bottom of a blogger page. I know its not good to remove it and usually i don’t, but this is a page for a business so it needs to look clean and profesisonal..

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