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I’m back… with devil’s food cupcakes.. and butterflies!


After a long hiatus, I’m back! India was amazing and gorgeous, as expected. Except for an awful bout of gastritis that saw me having to cut my trip short, it was a good holiday. But on the plus side, I did experience first-hand the hospital facilities of various Indian states. heh. Come to me if you want reccommendations and/or medical advice. *grin*

I missed my oven so badly… it was incredibly diffiucult to find cakes and pastries in the towns we visited and I couldn’t wait to bake off a batch of cakes as soon as I came back. One of my first attempts was at these dark dark chocolate cupcakes for my girl, Cherie’s birthday. I say double dark cos they were so intensely ebony brown… lovely to see, really. And I was very very pleased with the taste. Not too sweet -perfect when paired with frosting- and yet still full of rich chocolately flavor. A great recipe that will be a regular in my repertoire from now on. 

And I also wanted to do something special in terms of decor so I tried my hand at scuplting fondant, which was SuCH a hassle (but I think that’s just due to the recipe I got, the proportions were clearly not correct because I had to keep on adding cornflour to get the dough stiff enough). But in the end, I managed to cut out an entire range of pretty pastel shapes to use as cupcake toppers. I loved how the butterflies sat atop each cake as lighter versions of the brightly-colored cream cheese and mascarpone frosting!


Black chocolate intensity 


Drying fondant shapes in the sun


These cupcakes were decorated with the ever-popular m&ms!


7 thoughts on “I’m back… with devil’s food cupcakes.. and butterflies!

  1. Chituuuu!!!!!! OH MY GOD I DIDN’T KNOW YOU MADE SUCH INSANELY STUNNING STUFF!!!!! kutti, i stumbled upon your blog and have been enthralled ever since. Seriously woman, you are an artist in every sense of the word– the henna even !!!! Will u do me some the next time i come home??? Pweeeeasseee ?? Btw, I’ve been a gd girl with maintaining proper nail polish for toe nails. Finger nails – i don’t bother. I do too much housework here and I cant maintain them. I miss you heaps and shhhh…i MIGHT be coming back in Sept to watch Sivagaamii!! Miss you darling. Love lots

    i read thru the recipe for the devil’s food cupcakes and i was wondering if there is any substitute for buttermilk. my grandma asked me to make cupcakes for my uncle’s wedding next yr & im trying out nice recipes for him, any tips?

  3. Somi, haha, you’re so cute la! I physically moved back on my seat as I was reading your comment, there were so many exclamation marks and capital letters to take in! *grin*
    Of course I’ll do henna for you babe, faster come back so I can get started! And I’m proud of you… housework! So much so that your manicure can’t keep up… wow. heh. Miss you babe, we’re doing a dance for Sivagaami that involves us dancing as temple statues that have come alive.. you’d love it! So again, come back as quickly as you can! *muaks*

  4. Julie, when I’m out of buttermilk, I stir in a tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar to a scant cup of whole milk. Let the mixture stand, covered, for about 10 mins and you’ll get 1 cup of buttermilk, as the acid from the juice/vinegar causes the milk to curdle, much like buttermilk. You can freeze the leftover mixture to use in future recipes (since the devil’s food cake recipe only calls for 1/2cup or buttermilk).
    Hope that helps!

  5. I love your cupcakes!! I’m 15 and I want to persue baking as a career when I get older. I was wondering where I could get a butterfly mold like the one you used?

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