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Vanilla Bean Lime Cakes


Have I mentioned how much I love the internet? And more specifically, food blogs on the internet?? More than any cookery television show or recipe book, food blogs have taught me so much about baking, and introduced me to hundreds of recipes. My backlog of ‘to-try’ recipes is never ending….but I’m not complaining.

How can I, when every now and then I stumble onto recipes like this?

I love citrus fruits, and when I saw Dessert First’s lemon vanilla cake, I knew I had to try it out. But instead of lemons, I used limes and omitted the raspberries. And it was amazing. The cake crumb was perfectly soft and fluffy, thanks to the liberal use of butter and the addition of buttermilk. And the scent and taste of the limes came through very well, giving the cake a refreshing ‘zing’ almost. Perfect. 

So much so that there was no need to dress these babies up with anything more than a simple dusting of icing sugar…and even that was just an afterthought.

p/s: I tried this again recently and attempted to make it healthier by reducing the amount of sugar. Not a very good idea cos the cake became a little egg-y tasting and the crumb wan’t as soft. So I think the original proportions are perfect and should not be messed around with…. sugar-overload or not 😉


5 thoughts on “Vanilla Bean Lime Cakes

  1. Oh adorable!!! Really really cute!!! 😀

    Just to let you know, I’ve moved my blog…check out the new link…..hehe 😀

    Happppppy Baking!

  2. Yummy!
    I love citrus fruit too, I’ll trade chocolate for them easily. I love baking with oranges, limes and lemons. Your cakes are beautiful and I’m sure they were delicious!
    Anita is a great cook, her photos are stunning and she’s a very sweet person!
    My to try list is huge, too, and after I started visiting your blog the situation has gotten worse… or better! 🙂

  3. Aaugh, TG… you think YOUR backlog is getting too much? Have some pity on me, my backlog just from YOUR blog is beginning to get unmanageable! 🙂 What gorgeous cakes. I love vanilla. I love lime-flavoured anything. GOTTA try this!

  4. Hey Amrita, I missed your posts so I’m reali glad you’re up with another blog now! More desserts please! *smile*

    Patricia, I can confidently say fruits top chocolate anyday for me too! Of course, you wouldn’t think that, looking at the number of chocolate posts I have… but you know, you gotta please the chocoholic hoardes that are my friends and family! heh..

    Shammi, I know I say this to you all the time, but you must try this cake. 😉 It’s just so delicately moreish…. and if you love your limes… sigh, I have nothing more to say but: Go bake this. Now. haha…

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