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Seven (minus one) cup sweet


My aunt is expecting a baby girl in June and she’s having her valaikaappu ceremony next Sunday. This essentially is a Hindu ritual where the 7-month pregnant mother-to-be is dolled up in her wedding finery and all the elders in the family come calling to give their blessings. They will also put on bangles for her. Glass, gold, metal…in every which color. She’s pretty much gonna be the queen for the days, all decked out. And as with every Indian event, there’s gonna be a truckload of food, with an emphasis on sweetmeats… an age-old parallel for good fortune and sweet tidings.

My contribution for the ceremony is this 7-cup sweet… and I wanted to try my hand at it once before the big day for practice.

And I’m glad I did cos the 3 cups of sugar it called for was really too much. I only added about 2 1/2, and even that was a little too sweet for me. And mind you, I love my sugar! haha… So yup, when I make this next week, I most probably will add just a  little more than 2 cups of sugar, and call it my very own 7 minus 1 cup sweet! *grin*

Other than that, this is a super easy recipe. All you have to do is make sure you are stirring the mixture carefully. Everything else is so simple and the taste is amazing… what can go wrong with milk, coconut, ghee and sugar anyway??


4 thoughts on “Seven (minus one) cup sweet

  1. ooo this looks very yummy! is it by any chance anything like burfi? now i really feel like going to little india and get all those sweetmeats! i loveee gulab jamun and jelebi. (is that how you spell it? hehehe)

  2. Thanks Allan!

    And Maya, yeah, this is something like burfi… but there are so many tastes involved, so it’s like a much more complex version.. =) And your spelling of the indian sweets is perfect! I’m craving for some jamuns now as well… haha

    Ya Shammi, I’ve heard some mysore paks are made with coconut and milk. The ones I know of here in Singapore are mostly only made with besan, sugar and lots and lots of ghee…

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