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Pierre Hermes’ Sparkly Cinnamon Coins

cinnamon coins

 Sometimes, you just want a plain cookie. Nothing too fancy or rich. Just plain. But you know, plain doesn’t ever have to mean boring or tasteless. Plain can be the most amazing thing you’ve tasted, just simple and clean on the palate. These cinnamon coins are all that and more. They are crisp, buttery and there is just enough cinnamon to lend these slice-n-bake cookies a certain depth and heat. And the sparkly sugar rim is just an ingenious way to dress these plain beauties up AND give them a sweet crunch.

The secret to this amazing treat is really its proportions and the quality of ingredients. I mean, you must have figured out that with a recipe as simple as this, its success is really in the details. As with all of Pierre Hermes’ recipes, the proportions given are perfect, so all you have to do is get the best butter, salt and vanilla you can find and follow the directions to a T!  

*Recipe from here*   


11 thoughts on “Pierre Hermes’ Sparkly Cinnamon Coins

  1. Simple sometimes is best. These really are sparkly, love the purple sugar, it has to be my most favorite color, it really sets the simple cookies off so well.

  2. oooooh these are so pretty! i can never get my slice-and-bake cookies to be perfect rounds, but yours are! and the purple sugar is just so beautiful!

  3. Thanks everyone… I was a little scared that the purple sugar would look unappetizing but it I guess worked out well in the end. *grin*

    And Maya, I have problems with getting them into perfect rounds as well..half of my cookies turned out to be sqidgy-sided squares.. but of course I only took photos of the ones that most closely resembled circles… They have to pass very stringent selection criteria before they come before my camera…haha!

  4. i don’t care how juvenile i sound but purple is the bestest colour in the whole wide world and these cookies look absolutely divine. purple- rimmed cookies–what a royal treat indeed =)

    i love my chits and her confectionary of cakes and cookies *mwah*

  5. i really think tht if u sorta commercialised it a bit, u cld actually do this fulltime! the stuff u make is simply too irresistable for words!

  6. Ranj babe, I miss you!! Exams are finishing up soon right? Can’t wait to get u back in class..and stuff you silly with cakes and cookies. In purple, upon request…haha! *hugs*

    Thanks sangeeta! I’m still a little wary bout the commercialising bit though… I think I’m not confident enough to go into the confectionary business full-time…
    Who knows what the future holds though! hehe…

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