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Blueberry Muffins: two ways


 I have this belief, unfounded as it may be, that muffins are alot healthier than cupcakes. Somehow, they don’t seem as sinful as those mini-cakes topped with a swirl of sweet frosting and embellished with sprinkles and what not. Muffins, they are like the Amish cousins of the cupcake, plain, unadorned, and often feature nuts, fruits or vegetables. So puritanical. *grin* Well, lord knows if they really are healthier (their streusel toppings, butter and refined sugar content can leave some staggered), but they sure can taste as yummy as the next cupcake, as I’ve realised with my attempt at blueberry muffins

I chose two recipes to try, and both turned out very well.  My favorite is the one from Elise’s site… that’s the one I used for the muffins in the picture above. A perfectly written recipe, chockful of berries, soft, springy and sweetened just right. The magic of these muffins is really their crumb… the palest yellow and oh-so-cotton-soft and fluffy. Who needs crumble topping or frosting when you have such perfection in taste and texture?

The other recipe I got off The muffin itself was yummy enough but I thought the stresel topping was too much for the number of muffins specified and I didn’t like that the top overflowed so much because of that. I thought the muffins looked like mushrooms in the end. haha. And also, the amount of sugar called for in the muffin recipe was astronomical. I reduced it from three-quarters to half a cup and it was still plenty sweet enough. Keep in mind that the streusel topping also contains alot of sugar… On the plus side, the insides of the muffin was super-soft and the flavor of the blueberries really shone through the delicate crumb. All in all, I liked this too, but it needs a couple of modifications.    


Doesn’t this remind you of history textbook pictures of the A-bomb over Hiroshima? heh..


3 thoughts on “Blueberry Muffins: two ways

  1. Darling P, you know my cakes and cookies are just as good for celebration as they are for consoling! hehe… how was your big day at court? I’ve got special congrats cupcakes planned just for it.. 😉

    haha, thanks Shammi! I like that description! 🙂 🙂

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