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Chocolate chip meringue cookies


I haven’t posted about them yet, but I made not one, not two, but three butter cakes in the span of one week (post to follow soon). This is all part of my ongoing quest to discover the ultimate, meltingly rich,  tender and moist butter cake out there. I think I may have found the answer, somewhere in between the second bag of flour and fifteenth stick of butter…. but I shall keep the suspense till the post.

And no, I’m not being mean. It’s just that the photos of the cakes were uploaded into D’s laptop and he hasn’t sent them to me yet. So yup, I guess we all know who’s ReallY the mean one. =P

Anyways, one of the butter cake recipes I tried…and loved…called for TEN egg yolks. Yes folks,  we can kiss that diet of ours good bye. With almost half a kilo of butter and ten egg yolks (mind you, this is a puny 8″ cake we’re talking about) you can imagine how rich the cake was. But I digress. This post is not about the butter cakes, its about the ten egg whites I had left after seperating the eggs for the cake.

Egg whites. Ten of them… I COuLd have whipped up a large pavlova but just as I was about to look up pav recipes, I came across one of Smitten Kitchen’s latest entries on meringue chocolate cookies. How fortutious.

Have I told you how much I love meringues? They are so perfect for snacking, light and crisp… and especially craved after a week of eating dense butter-laden slices of cake (all in the name of research of course). These chocolate chip cookie recipe looked great and they were so easy to put together, another big plus.

The resulting cookies were delicious and I urge anyone who has leftover egg whites to try them out. Keep your oven temp low so that the meringues have a chance to dry out to become crisp clouds of sweetness and at the same time retain their pristine ivory hue. The baking temp and times given in the recipe are perfect so just follow them, and it should be a “no worries, mate” kinda attempt in the kitchen. =)


7 thoughts on “Chocolate chip meringue cookies

  1. chitz! lovely meringue cookies you’ve got here =) any difference between these lovelies and macarons? i bet both taste awfully sweet!

  2. i can’t wait to try these out! now i just need something that requires more yolks than whites to mak- sounds like a brilliant reason to get an ice cream maker =) i want one so much just about any reason would do but these meringue cookies sure make one hell of a reason to =)

  3. Yikes, yikes, yikes! 10 egg yolks, half a kilo of butter??? In ONE cake? Wow, I wish I could see it… and of COURSE I wish like crazy that I could try it. Diet be damned, who cares if I turn into a hot-air balloon? That cake must be glorious.

    Oh waitaminit, this post is about those meringue cookies… YUM!

    (Still dreaming of the butter cake…)


  4. Evan, actually these were not that sweet at all! I too, was a little skeptical about the amount of sugar but the egg whites really whipped up and the sugar proportions were just right. And I still am in a bit of a duffle bout what exactly constitute macaroons… haha. But I think they generally are meringue cookies with ground almonds in them. Which unfortunatly, would put these chocolate chip babies out of the running… *grin*

    Coffeesnob, that’s about as good a reason as any to get yourself an ice-cream maker… =) of course, the mere prospect of not having to shell out close to $14 for a teeny weeny tub of hagen daz itself has driven me to churn my own ice-cream these days! hah
    But also, you could make alot of custard, curd and shortbread recipes if you want to use up yolks..

    Shammi, i shall use your comment to further my argument for getting those pictures sent to me asap!! =)

  5. Hey girl,

    This is totally unrelated to the post. But nonetheless. The cake you made for Geetha’s birthday was out-of-this-world. Super duper yummy. You shall be getting an order from me soon! 🙂

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