Gateau Sirop Muffins


Sorry for the long break in posts and extremely late replies but my silly computer’s been doing it’s dance of death the past week and I’m terrified to even switch on the power button lest the entire CPU goes kaboom. Anyways, it’s been sent for servicing and hopefully, fingers crossed, I’ll get it back by next week. For now, I’m sneaking into my brother’s room to use his PC in the rare moments when he’s out of the house. So do bear with some erratic posting for the next week…

Meanwhile, I’ve been baking so much, and dutifully taking pictures of everything too… I bookmarked this recipe a few weeks ago but had to wait for thaipusam to be over to try these muffins as they have eggs in them.

I followed the recipe given mostly, adding just a pinch of ground cardamon to the spice mixture for more fragrance. Also, I used Lyle’s golden syrup in place of the pure cane syrup, cos really couldn’t find that anywhere. 

The verdict: really, reaLLY, moist and soft…I lurved the strong caramelly taste of the syrup and it almost was like eating a sticky pudding. It was even better the day after when the syrup really soaked through the muffin crumb. Yum. But this is onLY for those who like the taste of golden syrup… my mom didn’t fancy the muffins….not surprisingly cos she doesn’t like the taste of cane syrups. 

p/s: If you’re trying this out, do remember to follow the recipe indication for a LARGE pinch of salt. The saltiness really brings out the flavor of the syrup.


Looking positively golden in the sunlight…how apt for a meltingly sticky golden syrup treat…


2 thoughts on “Gateau Sirop Muffins

  1. Hey Chitra,
    I love ya food blog and especially this picture! i want a cake for my bdae!! but oops.. my bdae’s over.. 😦 wish i had two birthdays just so i can try ya baking!! I love ya blog and ya baking!! positivel sinful! will keep checking in regularyl! gosh! you have no idea the bliss you give me during horridly boring lectures in school! :)))

  2. Angelina dear, glad to be of service… mwhahaha!

    And you don’t need a birthday to eat cake!! trust me… if I limited myself to birthdays, I’d be a very very sad girl… =P

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