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Melting Moments, courtesy of Maya


As soon as I saw this recipe on Maya’s blog, I knew I had to try it out…like yesterday. I have a soft spot for all butter cookies, but especially these pale yellow rossettes. I mean, how quiant can a cookie get? I’ve tried other recipes for melting moments but the rossettes always spread out during baking, becoming unidentifiable masses of dough…these however, held their shape beautifully.

They were crisp and buttery, and although the dough was a little stiff, I mixed in a tablespoon of milk at the end and that made it soft enough to pipe. Next time, I would reduce the amount of plain flour a little. And I didn’t have any glace cherries on me so I topped each cookie with a mini m&m… incredibly fun and peppy. Thanks Maya for this lovely recipe!    


Waiting to be put in the oven


Baked and cooling


14 thoughts on “Melting Moments, courtesy of Maya

  1. this is crazy pretty. 🙂 why didn’t i think of adding milk? geez! but it’s so easy to do, will make a batch again soon. and the m&ms give them a sorta retro funky feel! and yr rosettes are perfect, as usual. 😉

  2. i made this yesterday too! likewise i thought the dough was quite stiff. i ended up with 8 bursted disposable piping bags and i was so frustrated! i thought i added too much cornflour but i didnt know the original recipe is also quite stiff. i added veg. oil instead but still the same. the texture was very good tho’. one of the best cookies i ever had!

  3. Maya, the credit must go to you for sharing the recipe! =)

    Evan, next time you could try reducing the plain flour or adding more milk. It softens the dough quite well. I think the full amount of cornflour is important cos it gives the cookie its crisp.

    Thanks geet, that comment on the droolin lab partners had me in giggles. haha. And I’m using a Casio Exilim. It’s good for taking pictures of inanimate objects like food but not so great for people photography though. The photos look grainy sometimes…

    And thanks Yummiedummies!

  4. i use an exilim too!! 🙂 just got it, was wondering whether it was a good buy. Now i know:) SOmehow my inanimate pictures are too grainy. Any tips? Lol. I know this is a food blog. 🙂

  5. haha, it’s fine la. Anyway, the only thing I can think of is to adjust the resolution to make the pictures finer. And you need lots of natural light for the pictures to be clear. I try to take all my pictures in the day in a place where there’s alot of direct sunshine… maybe you can try that out and see how the pictures turn out?

  6. Your cookies look beautiful. Would you mind sharing which pastry tip you used? The few times I have used a star tip for piping, my dough has not looked like yours. Perhaps it is just lack of experience? 🙂

  7. Hi Elisabeth… I use a star tip too.. It’s almost an inch across.. and not too many grooves, about 8 ‘spoke’-kinda grooves. It says #22 on the side.. hope that helps!

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