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Butter pecan cookies


One of my resolutions for the year is to use up all the nuts, sugars, butters, fruits etc. I’ve bought over the last year in anticipation of what I can cook using them. Usually this phenomenon starts with me entering the supermarket, seeing about twenty things I just HAVE to buy (none of which actually feature in my shopping list), and then actually buying about fifteen of those things, thereby busting my grocery budget. Then I lug all these extra bags home and proceed to stock my kitchen shelves with all these spiffy new ingredients…which incidentally, I have no idea what to do with now that I have them. It is in this vein that I have two boxes of gourmet dried fruit mix, a package of ridiculously expensive fleur de sel, organic demerara sugar, a tub of masaporne cheese, a jar of candied baby stem ginger, a whole packet of vanilla pods, a packet of organic extra strong bread flour, a kilo of varlhona cocoa powder, a kilo of varlhona chocolate (70% cocoa), pure bourbon vanilla extract, hazelnuts, pecans, cream and various flavorings of every kind.


Given the alarming creaking I am beginning to detect from my overloaded cupboard shelevs, I have resolved to make use of all the extra ingredients before going out to buy new stuff. So bear with me if you see one too many recipes featuring ginger stems or vanilla pods from now on, will you? Preety please…?    

Today’s menu features butter pecan cookies, a recipe I got off Simply Recipes, a lovely blogpage with mouthwatering recipes and pictures. I figured this would make use of some leftover pecans, demerara sugar and because there are no eggs involved, it will become a vegetarian treat as well. Three birds with one cookie, as it is. Of course, my picture looks nothing like Elise’s but I’m just going to blame that on the fact that I used demerara sugar to roll my cookies in instead of caster, rather than condemn my photography skills…which we all know is the real reason why the picture looks the way it does. But because we live in a world that ignores flaws and praises fake ego boosters (or at least I do), we’re not going to say anything. Just enjoy these sweet, adictively crunchy cookies wil ya? =)


p/s: The original recipe is for 12 cookies. FYI, if you divide the dough into 12, you don’t get butter pecan cookies, you get butter pecan plates…they’d be that huge. I made 24 cookies and they were still mighty big…


3 thoughts on “Butter pecan cookies

  1. Maya, when I say I ‘bust’my budget, I mean rip, tear and nuclear fission explode kinda ‘bust’. haha. Any little money I make from taking orders pretty much goes straight to my grocery fund. =)

    Greentea, thanks! glad you like them!

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