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Tiramisu torte…and multi-colored birthday cakes

 tiramisu torte

I tried my hand at this tiramisu layer cake a few weeks back but just haven’t had a chance to blog about it yet. I got the recipe off another blog that I really enjoy reading… especially since the site-owner is based in Malaysia…it’s really cool reading about the culinary adventures of those in the region. Complaints about the muggy weather, crazy searches to get unheard-of ingredients and twisting recipes to give them a local flavor… these are pleasantly familiar muddles that I find myself in all too often so it’s fun learning off other’s experiences. Ya’ll should check it out!

 <—— link’s thaataway <——–

Anyways, this tiramisu torte is a popular order request item off the blog and it was interesting, making use of coffee chiffon cake layers rather than the usual ladyfingers to soak up the coffe syrup and to layer in between the mascarpone cream mixture. And I had a large bottle of Kahlua sitting in my room… what better way to make use of yummy coffee liquer than in tiramisu?

I followed the recipe exactly, except for the egg yolk and sugar mixture, which I whisked over a double boiler until warm simply becuase raw eggs scare me a little. Other than that, the instructions on the blog are pretty detailed. Verdict: the cream was one of the best I’ve tasted in a tiramisu. And the almond praline was aMAZinG! I cannot urge you enough to make a batch and keep in your fridge simply for munching or as a garnish on any dessert you make. I’ve already used it to top cupcakes, press up the sides of cakes and more…it’s really so more-ish and decadent. The only thing I did different was to use blanched skinned almonds (rather than the ones with the skin on) and to pour the praline mixture onto a lightly greased foil-lined tray to prevent any sticking.  

My only complaint is that is was an immensely messy cake to make (as you can see in the picture above, the layers are not even and the cream is like, all over the place). The cream was too soft, even though I added gelatine into the mixture and lasted barely 5 minutes outside the fridge so it was a real hassle to frost the cake. And the method given on the site on not greasing the sides of the tin for chiffon cakes and cooling the cake in the overturned tin definitely did not work for me. I couldn’t get my cake out of the tin and had to resort to literally hacking away at the sides. And covering the cooling cake just caused alot of condensation to form, making the cake hard. After ten minutes, I took the tin off and simply cooled the cake on a wire rack as per normal.

Next time, the changes I’d make are to line the bottom AND sides of the tin and invert the cake onto a wire rack to cool. And when it’s time to layer the cream, I’ll use one of those 8″ round moulds, so I can press in one layer of cake and pour the cream on top, and continue so that the layers are packed tightly together and the cream doesn’t have a chance to gloop out the sides. Also, bake the cake in a larger tin, perhaps 9″ cos the cake was a little too tall. And, make more coffee syrup to brush over the cake layers as the amount given wasn’t enough to soak the cake through. One last thing, give the choc chips a miss…when they are stirred in the cold cream, they just become hard and crunching through hard, cold chocolate bits really detracts from the smooth creaminess of the dessert. And anyways, who really likes cold, hard chocolate bits? Not me.

Given all these modifications, I think I could come up with an out-of-this-world tiramisu torte. Really. But if making this sounds like alot of work…and I’ll be honest, it is… I compel you to at least try your hand at the caramel nuts. At least you’ll have an inkling of how a teeny bit of this cake tastes and maybe that will inspire you to make the rest of it! *grin*


This was D’s birthday cake. I wanted to make something circus-y and colorful. i dunno bout the circus but it sure was colorful. =)


This was a birthday cake for a very special aunt of mine. Her favorite color is purple and that explains the pastel violet frosting on the berry sponge cake and the Varlhona chocolate cupcakes in the back. And that famous almond praline made an appearance up the sides of the cake!    


11 thoughts on “Tiramisu torte…and multi-colored birthday cakes

  1. wow the birthday cake looks great!! i really admire u chitz, i always shy away from doing a whole cake with cream decor coz i suck at it. you seem to hv done a beautiful job! for the turquoise side decor, is it very difficult to pipe the cream since its at the sides? u hv to tilt the cake then? i love the swirls too, they look perfect, just like those on cupcakes =) are u doing business yet? if you havent, u shd. coz you’re much better than many ppl. alot of ppl’s cakes are not nice and yet they’re selling. so i don’t see why u shdnt, if you havent already 🙂

  2. Happy New Year everyone!

    Evan: Thanks so much for the praise and I’m absolutely certain you could pull off whole cakes with nary a problem! your log cakes look great and your cupcakes too! Complete cakes are hardly any more difficlut…you should try them! And yup, the piping on the side was such a pain..I didn’t want to tilt the cake cos was ‘fraid it’d slide so I placed the cake on a higher surface and piped while sitting on a stool. Still had finger cramps though..and a few unsightly smudges..
    And right now, I just bake for family and friends’ requests..still a little apprehensive about taking professional orders…it’s scary!

    Maya: Thanks, glad you like how it looks!

    Amrita: I use a large star shaped tip.. one with not too many grooves. And when you pipe, make sure the piping bag is staight up and perpendicular to the cake… gently squeeze with uniform pressure and make a small circle with your wrist, lifting the nozzle straight up and away as you complete the rosette.. that’s how I do mine, hope it helps! Important that you get a reli Iarge tip I think..

  3. Amrita, really I think you are too hard on yourself…your creations look great! You’re in secondary school right? I wish I had half your talent when I was your age…I would have been lucky to bake a swiss roll without it disintegrating before my very eyes then. And here you are, making professional looking log cakes!! You’re really good…seriously!

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