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Cakes and Williams Sonoma’s buttercream

Just some random pictures of the stuff I made last week. Also wanted to share with ya’ll a delicious buttercream recipe I came across in Williams Sonoma’s site. It’s unique cos it uses egg yolks as opposed to the whites normally used in meringue buttercreams. It’s really yummy and it held well even in the heat…best of all, I didn’t need a sugar thermometer to make any syrup..the instructions are pretty straightforward and if you follow them to a T, it will come out perfectly. Only one thing…the resulting buttercream will be a very pale yellow rather than white ‘cos of the yolks. Have to keep that in mind when deciding on the color scheme. 


That’s how thick the yolk mixture has to be


I frosted a chocolate layer cake with the cream. It’s really easy to work with, and I love the glossy sheen


The finished cake. Sandwiched with chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream and chocolate shavings


I made these cupcakes for the lovelies at my dance class. I bought a leaf piping tip a few weeks back and have been wanting to see if I could use it to make flowers. I hope they look okay and vaguely flower-like…


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