Doll cake!

It’s a little cheesy, I know but which little girl doesn’t dream of this?


My dance teacher ordered this for the birthday party of a girl turning 1…and predictably, the color theme was to be pink and white. Haha. After a lot of online research, I ventured forth to make it and I think I’m quite satisfied with the results. However, there are a few things I would change the next time I attempt this. First, definitely find a larger tin/bowl to bake the cake. Because I wanted a nice dome shape for the skirt, I ended up baking three cakes in various-sized bowls. It was a lot of work…and the large, medium, small bowl thing scarily reminded me of the three bears. I think a large, narrow bottomed Pyrex or aluminum bowl would work best. Second, definitely make lots and lots of buttercream, ‘cos there’s a lot of frosting to be done. I made three batches in all, over two days.  Third, I didn’t like the look of the cream skirt and original doll blouse…it somehow didn’t flow so next time, poor Barbie’s gonna get naked and have her entire dress piped on. *grin*

All in all, it’s an okay attempt I guess but I’d like to do it again to perfect the technique. Speaking of which, I for the life of me could not get the frosting to be ultra-smooth because I kept having to work the palette knife upwards, rather than from side to side. Definitely did not like the ‘lines’ on the skirt.

And just for the curious, I baked three vanilla butter cakes, sliced and sandwiched all the layers with cream. Chilled the cake overnight, cut a large enough hole on the top and inserted the doll torso (wrapped in aluminium foil to keep it clean-and I also detached the legs so I didn’t have to cut that deep a hole) into it. Then frost the entire dome to make a skirt (I had to do two layers to get it smooth and relatively skirt-like) and pipe whatever designs you want. There are some sites which you can get your ideas from. 



9 thoughts on “Doll cake!

  1. WOW…I am speechless…thats a splendid cake, I would love to have such a b’day cake any day 😉 That was really sweet and thoughtful of you TG

  2. That is a VERY cool cake….you are VERY talented..I am VERY jealous!!! I laughed out loud about the three bears comment!!!

    P.S. I’m a friend of Banu’s!

  3. Speechless is an understatement
    Wow, really-really wow am i dreaming or awake?
    A gorgeous creation that for a heartstopping moment
    Uncle Ahmad couldn’t stopped gazing at the barbie cake.

    A beautiful cake created with skills and love
    Let the time stand still, let ithe moment linger and dwell
    It must have tasted out of this world, we sure don’t have enough
    of such stupendous creations, crafted by tastegoblet’s magical spell.

    How talented can a baker be?
    with passion and patience, oh you can’t measure
    Go forth tastegoblet your bakes are a melody
    One of your many fortes… is baking I can assure.

    Uncle Ahmad is only giving his 2-cent worth take
    You bakers out there, your blogpages I have surfed
    I marvel at the abundant talents, so our celebrative emotions let’s awake
    You all are special specimens of bakers and chefs on earth.

    Tastegoblet, keep on baking and make others’ life a joy
    Tastegoblet is now overwhelmed and speechless… oh so coy.

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