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Williams Sonoma’s chocolate chip cookies


Made Williams Sonoma’s chocolate chip cookies yesterday, from a recipe I got off Mariya’s blog. I loved the fact that it didn’t use that much butter- juts half a cup- and yet still managed to be rich and buttery. The amount of chocolate chips first seemed to be daunting but everything turned out fine in the end. All in all, a very yummy cookie…unwaveringly crisp and somewhat delicate even… a very pleasant crumbling occurred within my mouth whenever I took a bite.I omitted the nuts as well, using coverture white chocolate buttons in its place. Also used Ghirardelli chocolate chips for an intense flavor. And as I always do, I increased the vanilla to an entire tablespoon…I never feel teaspoon measures to be adequate. I love having a pronounced vanilla flavor and scent in almost anything I bake and how can a concentrated chocolate and vanilla combination ever go wrong? 



2 thoughts on “Williams Sonoma’s chocolate chip cookies

  1. hello, i am very thankful for this recipe! (: these are the best chocolate chip cookies recipe ever! anyway, i am wondering if it is possible to follow this recipe but using butterscotch chips instead of chocolate chips? will it turn out nice?

    if not, do u think you can help me with a trusty recipe for a great butterscotch cookie? thankyou (: ur help is greatly appreciated!

  2. Hi Yuanru, sorry for the late reply.. have been sorely neglecting this blog… *sheepish look*

    And i really think these would work well with butterscotch chips! It’s crunchy and I think that’ll be a nice change from the usual chewy oatmeal butterscotch chip cookies..

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