My first online order!


Last Sat was a day of firsts for me. I’ve baked for family, friends and for people who’ve gotten recommendations from these people. But last week, I got my first order through my blog…very exciting I must say. haha. 

And this was also the first time I tried my hand at sugarpaste/fondant. I got the recipe off another blog and I’m happy to say that although I was a little wary of all the fancy-

chemistry lab- sounding ingredients, the resulting fondant turned out okay. But I really don’t fancy using gelatine…the smell can be quite off-putting. I have another recipe that uses egg white but no gelatine..might give that a try sometime. 

Anyways, the order was for vanilla cupcakes with a pink and white theme, along with lettering, which was what the fondant was for. I made mini cupcakes from the magnolia bakery’s recipe and topped it off with large swirls of buttercream. I just hope they were well received!! *tightly crossed fingers*    



5 thoughts on “My first online order!

  1. tastegoblet dear this is my take
    congrats on the your first order-bake
    it is the beginning of a new journey
    an embarkation that is full of uncertainty

    a journey is always full of tribulation
    obviously it is not going to be plain sailing and smooth
    accept the criticism, smile at the congratulation
    a better baker you will be, you can only improve

    so have a wonderful meaningful baking journey
    negotiate the curves and ride the downs carefully
    learn and share willingly what you know from the the start
    uncle wishes you all the best, right from the bottom of my heart,


  2. Mr. Ahmad, thank you so much! I rest my case that you must be the coolest dad out there…*smile*
    It’s a lovely verse and no doubt will spur me on in times of doubt. Thanks again from the bottom of MY heart!

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