It has begun…da da da dum…

*cue scary theme music from Jaws*

The festive season in upon us. Anyone with a fear of fattening butter, calorie-laden sugar or cholesterol-hiking eggs should leave the country now. Cos its a week to Deepavali and Hari Raya and I can SMELL the cookies baking all over the island already. My house looks like biscuit factory. I could probably sell off half the cookies I’ve made and still have enough to feed my entire extended family twice over. I dunno why I do this. Every year, I make a good 100-200 pieces of each type of cookie, KNOWING full well that that is more than enough to last the season. But then, I see that one large bottle of confection and say “Aiyah, just in case more people come then how? Can’t be having not enough cookies right? So shameful. Let’s just make more to fill one more bottle”….

And so it begins, baking more and more and more. Over the past four days I’ve churned out over 600 sugee biscuits, 200 cinnamon spritz cookies, 200 cornflake cookie cups, 600 chocolate chip cookies, 150 cashewnut filled cookie balls, 300 pineapple tarts and 150 chocolate hazelnut cups. (I’m still planning to make chocolate-mint biscuits, fyi). And I haven’t even begun with the Indian sweets and crisps yet either. God knows who I’m gonna be feeding. And what’s helping my oven go on as it does.

But its so much fun I have to admit. I’m in the mOOd people. IN DA MOOD.

Happy Deepavali and Hari Raya everybody!       


That’s just half of everything. We’ve hidden the rest of the bottles and jars in the kitchen so we don’t scare visitors away. 


13 thoughts on “It has begun…da da da dum…

  1. my mother always reminds me not to bake so much because there’s always leftovers every year, and my dad has to distribute them to his students. hahahah. poor thing. my mum ordered me to only make 4 types of biscuits, and not more than 100 each! hahaa. but of course i bended the rules here and there. :p

  2. Thanks Yummie dummies! I really like what you do on your blog too…going through it, I’ve already made a list of foods I just HAVE to try now…you give great reviews!
    And Maya, my mom told me to make just 4 types of cookies too! haha…so much for that!! *sheepish grin*

  3. Hi Evan…thanks for the compliments! And it is indeed fantastic to know there are so many foodies out there…I myself stumbled onto the flogging scene only 8months ago.. guess I was living in a cave before that.. *grin*

  4. Hi tastegoblet.

    I love your site. I was wondering, do u sell your cookies? If you do, how much? I am interested in getting them for CNY. Thanx

  5. I dont remember how I got to your blog…but I’m glad I did 😀 You have wonderful recipes and the eggless cake recipes look really delicious…I’ve just started baking and have been desparately looking for eggless recipes !!

    You seem to have an out-of-the-world energy source when it comes to baking !! My brain stopped processing the numbers after I read this “600 sugee biscuits, 200 cinnamon spritz cookies, 200 cornflake…..” !!! Belated Deepavali to you and your family

  6. Hi Tastegoblet,

    If you dun mind, may i trouble you for your recipe for sugee cookies? I really luv them but most of those sold outside are too sweet & i just salivate when i look at your pictures cause your cookies all look so yummy esp d sugee cookies!

    Many thks.


  7. Hi Colette…thanks for the compliments! Glad you like the site…and I DO sell the stuff I bake if anyone requests for it. Pricing of course depends on what kind of cookie/cake they ask for. But I think you’re based in KL right? And I’m in Singapore…unless that’s not a problem for you! hehe..
    And also, in reply to your previous comment, the golden syrup I use is the Lyle’s brand- it comes in a small dark green tin. I get it from either baking stores of large supermarkets here. But you can also use corn syrup (Taiko brand is quite good) or even honey.

    Hi Priya…happy Deepavali to you too! I love your site… had a chance to explore it today. That Deepavali sweet you made looks amazing! Do try out the eggless cake recipes if you have the time, they are really quite good…and relatively guilt-free too, for those vegetarian days =)

    Sally, I think I have a post on my sugee cookies somewhere on this site, but here’s the recipe anyways…it is dreadfully simple… I stir 1 cup of plain flour, a scant 3/4 cup of fine semolina, 3/4 cup of caster sugar, 1/2 cup of icing sugar and a pinch of salt together in a large bowl (You can most certainly reduce the sugar if you find it too much). I then add ghee (I use QBB brand) and knead the dough with my hands until it all comes together to form a soft ball. This usually takes about 1/2 cup of ghee but it’s just an estimate…just knead it in till it comes together, adding more ghee in spoonfuls if needed. Then roll 1/2 teaspoonfuls of dough into tiny balls, place them on a baking tray and flatten them ever so slightly with your fingers. Bake at 350 degree F for about 12-15 mins, until the tops look slightly dried out…the biscuits still should be a pale beige and not brown. If you’re uncertain if it’s fully baked, carefully flip over one biscuit. The underside should look porous, filled with tiny holes, as how baked cookies would be. And that’s it! This recipe would make quite a bit as the biscuits are so tiny, so maybe you want to halve the proportions on the first try? I hope this all makes sense and if you decide to try it out, do let me know how it turns out!! =)

    p/s: I suggest you really use a half-teaspoon measure for this dough to ensure uniformity in your biscuits. Because they are small, you have to take them all out of the oven at the same time. If they are unevenly sized, the larger biscuits will take a longer time to bake and the smaller ones will overbrown by that time. It’s a little bit of a hassle, precisely measuring out the dough, but worth it.

  8. What a whacko name when i first came across it
    it does not befit someone so sweet
    after some thought then only I realised
    tastegoblet is the name chosen, how wise!

    it conjures a mystic world of yon
    where there is a table with an array of food
    baking at night, evening and morn
    to feed the lusty bellies, of dishes good

    May I wish you a belated happy deepavali
    Continue to bake , bake, cook and cook for your family
    With their beloved daughter/sister, I’m sure they are very appreciative
    baking cookies and cakes that are so creative

    I wish you all the best in your endeavour
    Be the best baker, that others awe in wonder.

    This comments come from maya’s father
    just one who appreciates loving gestures.


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