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vanilla sponge with berry everything

Me thinks this is the most beautiful dessert I’ve ever made. I know it sounds awfully pretentious to say so but I actually find it very hard to admire what I cook/bake/decorate. But this time, I can honestly say that I’m proud of my work. A dear friend was throwing her sister a surprise birthday party and asked me to bake a cake. It was so far the largest cake I’ve ever made for an order. 2 kilos. That’s like, the weight of a sizeable dumbell. Carrying the cake to the delivery point was terrifying cos I had to maneuver through hoardes of people carrying something so heavy and at the same time try my best not to jostle the cake box least the cream smears. But thankfully, all went well and the massive cake was delivered to the party intact.

The cake itself was a vanilla sponge…sandwiched with blueberry pie filling…

Then frosted with slightly sweetened whipped cream, with buttercream rosettes piped as a border. Went on to decorate with fresh strawberries, silver dragees, pastillege hearts, chocolate vanilla wafer rolls and to top it all off, a fine dusting of pure cocoa.

No wonder it weighed 2 kilos. haha.

But I’m so happy with how it turned out. My brother took a look at it and didn’t believe that I made it myself so that say alot! *grin*

I like.

Hope the birthday girl enjoys it too…

btw, am glad to say the nurses loved all the sweet goodies I baked for their Nurses’ Day celebrations. In fact, a few days after their party, I got an order for 2 strawberry sponges from one of them. Yay for me! *smile*

My baby… I actually was kinda sad to deliver it cos I wanted to keep it at home a little while longer. Haha! Serious psycho baker tendencies showing themselves here…


2 thoughts on “vanilla sponge with berry everything

  1. oh my god that is soooo pretty!!! may i ask, how long does whipped cream hold outside the fridge? it melts quite fast, doesn’t it?

  2. Thanks!! haha..I reli liked it too. And ya, whipped cream (after bring frosted onto the cake) can stay about half hour at the most without refridgeration.. I normally freeze the frosted cake for about an hour or two to harden the cream before piping on the buttercream and decorating..

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