cupcakes that prove a point

I started my first day of at work yesterday and I’m exhausted to the bone. I just can’t seem to wake up! The morning sun is not a good friend of mine – I always was of the belief that the sun had to come out before I came out of my bedroom. But no more. The powers that be have decreed that my days of sloth and lazing are over. I am now to squash nose to elbow with the millions other rude and irritatable Sinagporeans who travel on the MRT each morning. I’m allergic to those crowds, really. I break out in hives just thinking about the invasion of personal space I have to endure everyday.

And at work, while frantically trying to remember how sub-account transfers are paid and what I need to do to process international checking couriers (amongst other mind-numbingly complicated banking terminology), I kept fearing that this would be the end of my baking and cooking. *sobz*

And so I came home after my first day, exhausted but determined to prove to the world that I shall not be stopped. I took out some butter, eggs and flour and proceeded to bake off a batch of cupcakes and frost them with buttercream….still wearing my office clothes, mind you. haha. Very dramatic I know, but it was a serious moment. I had alot to lose here…my interests, my passion, my reputation (hmm…okay maybe not the last one. God knows if I actually have a reputation to be staked. But the rest still count!). These cupcakes then, were charged. Every fold of the batter, piping of cream and bite of sugary goodness made a point.

Damn these early mornings, gross train rides, and tired feet.

I shall not be stopped.

The pink and white comrades of the one-woman proletariat revolution. Armed with sprinkles and dragees to boot!


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