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mango ice cream

Mango season’s here! Never a better time than now to stroll through little india, where the fragrance of ripe golden mangoes hits you everytime you turn a corner. I know modern farming technology has made it possible for us to get mangoes anytime of the year, but still, seasonal fruit holds a far superior flavor…and it’s worth it, you know, to wait months for that special time of the year when the fruit tastes as how it should.
My dad and I were so excited when we saw the cartons of mangoes from India stacked along the fruit stalls of little india. It was like, a rush, you know….that the day is finally here! *grin* We promptly bought eight fruit, and went home to devour the juicy, ripe flesh in the privacy of our kitchen, where we could savor the heavenly taste without having to feel concious of the juices streaming down our chin and the slurping noises that escaped from our mouths. ha.
After I had my fill of fresh fruit, I decided to make something mango-based for dessert. And with the searing heat we’ve been getting the past weeks, and my new birthday gift, I thought, what better than ice cream? I wanted something that was rich and creamy with an intense mango flavor. I surfed around and decided on a recipe from another Singaporean blogger, Mediasushi.
I did tweak the recipe a little, reducing the sugar to 50g because the mangoes were more than sweet enough. And I substituted the lemon juice and zest with lime just to get a more tropical flavor (I used the juice of one lime, and zested about have the lime’s rind). Oh, and I also strained the cooked custard before letting it cool to remove the little bits of skin that had formed while I was heating the milk. A bit kan cheong la, cos I really wanted a smooth custard to churn later.
Pouring the hot custard into a bowl to cool
Mangoes! I used 1 1/2 of these to make up 200g of mango flesh
Golden, juicy flesh tipped into the blender with a sprinkling of lime zest
Deliciously smooth mango puree
The result? Creamy and just the right amount of sweetness, but I would have preferred a much more mango-y flavor. Maybe next time I should increase the amount of mango pulp to 300g. And throw in a few golden cubes of mango flesh as well. I was aiming for an intense mango explosion as the ice cream melts on the tongue…. don’t get me wrong, the recipe did give a good ice cream and the flavor of the fruit was unmistakably there. But I guess I wanted a much more robust taste. But for now, I’m still happily tucking away into my tub of feshly-churned mango cream!

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