Chocolate / Ice cream / Meringue

comfort food 101

Chunky fudge brownies, sensuous custard ice-cream speckled with vanilla seeds, and topped with a crisp meringue kiss

I’m back. A 70-page thesis, three 10,000 word essays, a crashed PC, a fritzed laptop, two breakdowns and countless panic attacks later, I’m still standing. miraculously. sigh… It’s been the worst semester ever…whoever said school gets better with time clearly has had their brains mucked with. But it’s over and I’ve never been more relieved.
Yesterday morning was the first day in months that I woke up and didn’t have anything to be read, printed or handed in. Ya, technically I still have an exam in two weeks..but its TWO weeks away! Doesn’t count. Gawd, but it was such a rush! I got a bit mad, called a girlfriend over and promptly baked a batch of walnut-white chocolate chunk brownies and meringues.
And tried out my spanking new Kenwood ice-cream maker…. a sweet-in-a-weird-way birthday present from D. haha. My dad took one look at it and proclaimed that I really must be getting old to get household appliances as birthday gifts. haha. But then, I am the girl who received a food processor from her college mates for her 18th. So….maybe it’s just me. *grin*
Anyways, I made custard-based vanilla ice cream. It was rich and creamy. very rich. Not the kind of ice-cream you could gorge yourself on. A scoop was more than enough…I couldn’t imagine having more than that. Having made it from scratch, I really think the shops sometimes cheat their customers by diluting their desserts with too much milk or water.. really. Freshly made ice-cream has such a distinctly luxurious taste. I’m never buying commercial again.

So there we were, two girls digging into brownies, waiting for the cream to churn and meringues to bake. Simple pleasures. Comfort food. Can’t believe we’re all grown up….graduating in two months and entering the big bad world of work and bitchy office politics. It seemed like just a few weeks ago we were dumbass 13 year olds starting secondary school and trying to act cool by wearing our uniform belts at our asses. haha. But as the world is, we had no choice but to grow old… and I’d not have chosen anyone else to do it with. Love you pbai. Muacks. Here’s to many more afternoons of gossip and bonding over brownies, meringues and ice-cream!


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