magnolia cupcakes

So, if you’re free, with a craving for saturated fats and the urge to put on a tonne of weight, try your hand at these cupcakes. They are hellishy sweet and yet, completely addictive. I now understand why they are so internationally loved.
These are the infamous magnolia cupcakes of sex and the city fame. Since Carrie and her gang took bites of these babies, the Magnolia bakery has been selling over 20,000 cupcakes every week. (!!!) But I must say, this is praise well-deserved. So simple yet utterly mouthwatering. It constantly amazes me, how the right proportions of basic ingredients like sugar, flour, butter and milk can come together to create delicious culinary wonders.

But once again, I shall warn you of calories and sugar highs. These cupcakes are is the ultimate proof of how much Americans love their sugar. The recipe calls for one part butter to two parts sugar! Normally, I only use half of that for my cakes and some people consider ThaT too sweet. And I haven’t even started on the frosting… *grin*

But fat-inducing sweetness aside, these really are the perfect vanilla cupcakes. The fragance that wafts through the kitchen as they are baking alone is good enough a reason to make them. And they are so fun to eat. After you savor the first bite, you no longer care about all the frosting that’s smeared over your lips and fingers. You just try to lick it all off the best way you can as you reach for your next cupcake.

I’m gonna make another batch soon, this time with sprinkle and sparklers. Will post pictures as soon as I do! *gleefully rubs hands together*p/s: clearly, all that sugar has begun to wrought its damage.


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