Chocolate / Cupcakes

cake in a cup

Frosted and topped with a little red heart. Sweeeet!

Bought my first one kilo block of varlhona (64%) a few days ago and I’ve been saving it for a good recipe.

I’ve never really cared for cupcakes. They tend to be dry ‘cos they’re so easy to overbake; never as moist as slices of cakes. And sometimes they just don’t puff up from their little paper holders prettily. It takes a deft hand to make cupcakes. But the pictures on chockylit’s blog are just too pretty. I honestly couldn’t tear my eyes away. And after she raved over and over again about her chocolate cupcake recipe, I had to try it, at least once.

And these were, essentially, tiny moist, dense chocolate cakes in cups! Almost a cross between brownies and cake, they were that rich. And I didn’t have any cherries, so folded chunks of varlhona and white chocolate through the batter. Divine.

I dunno if it was the high quality dark chocolate or the recipe, but the cupcakes were delish. They even had a little bit of a crust on the top, which was truly lovely to bite through. Just how you would imagine miniature cakes to be.

Filled and waiting to be baked… I think I must have licked at least one cupcake holder worth of batter off the bowl! *makes slurping noises*

Cooling on the tray

OOps! haha..couldn’t help myself

The only thing I had a problem with was the fennel frosting. Maybe it was the weather but it was kinda runny so I couldn’t pipe out patterns. So I just smoothed it out and topped with little pastillage hearts I bought from Bake it Yourself (On an aside, B-I-Y is a lovely little shop and the counter lady was so nice. And you have to check out their rattan shopping baskets. Adorable!).

Boiling the fennel syrup. Who’d thought of using fennel seeds for frosting? Chocklit is a certified genius.

Pouring the fennel cream cheese frosting into a piping bag. It ShouLD have been spooned in. Wrong consistency. drats.

Evidently, I got a little over-excited with the pastillage hearts and my lilac sanding sugar…


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