not so normal egg toast

Read an article in the ST two weeks ago about slow-scrambled eggs and have been wanting to try it out ever since. Finally decided to get down to it yesterday…a late morning brunch if you will. Was going for a luscious curd-y egg mixture, almost like a jam spread rather than those tough bits of scrambled egg we are used to. According to the article, the trick is to stir very very slowly and patiently, over the lowest heat possible, till the eggs thicken ever so slightly. So there I was, standing over my stove, stirring, stirring, and stirring some more. It took almost ten minutes for it to be ready, but it was worth it. The eggs were thick, almost like a sauce. Much better than the chewy stuff you get with a Big Breakfast. And richer too, thanks to the good knob of butter I threw into the pan, and added to the whisked eggs.

Toasted some bread, rubbed garlic over the toast to infuse a little flavor, spread a thin layer of butter, topped it with hot scrambled eggs, and sprinkled a bit of parsley over. Voila! Luxurious egg on toast.

Taste-wise, it was good. Can’t go wrong with eggs. Especially when its combined with freshly ground black pepper. But wish I had used thicker bread, slices of crusty baguette would have been much yummier. Oh well, there’s always next time..

Note: If trying this, remember that you can’t stop the stirring for AnyThinG. It has to be continous or else the eggs will curdle faster than you can say ‘icks’. Which led to a pretty amusing situation when I was stirring the eggs and my phone rang. I must have looked like a really bad impersonator of Mrs.Incredible, trying to reach out for the phone with one hand while still –barely– moving my spoon over the pan with the other. Stretcchhhh! *grin*


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